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I used to be a gaming startup founder and entrepreneur.

My name is Bobby Voicu. I started a social gaming startup, raised several millions from VCs and then sold the games for life changing money. And met a lot of interesting people in the process (in the photo on the right, I’m showing the King of the Netherlands one of our games).

If you’re interested in entrepreneurship (gaming, in particular, but not exclusive to it) and content creation (YouTube in particular), this newsletter is for you.

I will send you a weekly email with one suggestion on improving the business side of your startup/side project/idea, along with the best 5-10 articles and resources I’ve found in the previous week.

Here’s why YOU might be interested.

I’ve been an entrepreneur my entire life (I’m in my 40s now). The biggest success of my entrepreneurial life was a gaming startup (MavenHut) I cofounded in 2012 and I’ve been the CEO of.

We raised more than $3,000,000 from VCs, then we grew the company to a team of 35 people in 3 years.

40,000,000 users downloaded and played our games on different platforms in the next 3 years. In the end, we sold the games for a life changing amount of money.

Gaming has always been on the front edge of business: from gamification to data analysis to, now, integrating AI in the next generation of games.

I want this new newsletter to be about everything you can do, as an entrepreneur, to make your dream come true. From starting a company to getting players to play your game, I’ll add here all the resources I can find.

I’m also trying to understand video content creation, so I started a YouTube channel. I’ll talk about what I learn while growing the channel and how it goes in the newsletter, as well.

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